The company son-x GmbH, founded as a spin-off of Fraunhofer IPT, manufactures systems for the direct ultra-precision processing of hardened steel and glass for applications in optics production and in optical mold-making. With this technology, a diamond tool is set into vibration with a frequency of 100 kHz. Formally the UTS2 is in the transition area between the aesthetics of filigree precision and the appearance of a massive industrial machine. The housing is clearly structured geometrically and provides stability and precision. Nevertheless, as a result of the soft surface transitions, the UTS2 acts dynamically and puts the focus on the diamond tool tip. On the one hand, the black color of the system stands in direct contrast to typical mechanical engineering colors, while on the other hand it also reflects the CI of the company. The special technology of ultrasound is visually underlined by a status LED in the front area and an activity display in “X” of the On/Off switch. In this way it is signaled that an additional ultrasound process related to the actual mechanical process is also in action here.

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