We have developed the Tilted Diamond+ signal lamp together with renowned product designer Luigi Colani. And given it a final polish. The name ‘Tilted Diamond’ refers to the unique scattered light effect of the diamond lens. With the aim of achieving optimal illumination, we have further optimized the light refraction. Due to consistently high visibility over 360 degrees, the signal lamp can be seen even from long distances, allowing for quick reactions, if necessary. High demands are placed on equipment every day in an industrial environment, which is why we have made the signal lamp particularly durable and shock-resistant. Moreover, the Tilted Diamond+ is very easy to mount, and the exceptionally bright LEDs are energy-efficient and don’t have to be replaced. The signal lamps are connected via standardized M12 sensor cables or manually wired with Cage Clamp connectors. Accessories consisting of different holdfasts makes a completely product range.

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