With a height of only 12 mm and an outer diameter of 49 mm, the VERO-S NSE mikro is the world’s flattest quick-change pallet module. The miniature quick-change module for clamping workpieces takes the well known rapid part change performed by the larger SCHUNK VERO-S modules to a new level. Now it is possible to change the smallest components in confined spaces in seconds while maintaining reliability and precision at a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm. The associated clamping pins have an outer diameter of just 10 mm. All functional components, such as base body, clamping pin, and clamping slide, are made from corrosion-free steel. Due to its distinctive form with its three brand-specific grooves and product logos, the VERO-S NSE mikro fits into the SCHUNK VERO-S family well. In addition, high SCHUNK brand recognition is guaranteed.

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