The rod mounting MBD F 25ST for the sensor familyF 25 combines functionality and design in combination with a modern sensor housing concept.
The mounting enables maximum flexibility in as many directions of movement as possible for an easy and fast adjustment of the sensors. The mounting generates degrees of freedom upward and downward along the M12 rod and 360° around the rod.
Additionally the mounting in combination with the dovetail guide integrated in the sensor housing enables a fine adjustment of the sensors of +/- 15° upward and downward – with only one screw to fix the whole system (sensor and mounting as well as mounting and rod)! This is possible because the width of the hosuing has the same dimension as the diameter of the rod (12mm), hence there’s clamping force for sensor and rod.

From an economic point of view there are two significant advantages for customers.
Less assembly time as the whole system is fixed by only one screw.
Minimum input of material compared to expensive alternative solutions which fulfill a similar degree of freedom, as the system only needs one rod and MBD F 25ST for an optimum adjustment of the sensors.

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