The PRP is a fast sampling tool for a wide range of sampling applications on boiler, it was designed to take sample of liquid under vacuum or under low pressure from the boiler. There is a space created at the end of the sampler, which is isolated from the inside of boiler but connected with the outside through an air-channel, so there is no pressure-difference between the two ends of the sampler, thanks to this inner structure, even liquid is under vacuum or low pressure, the sampler can be moved easily to take sample of liquid from the boiler. It only takes less than 10 seconds to take sample, and only needs 3 actions to take sample, Pull, Rotate and Push, these 3 simple actions can finish a perfect mission, so we call this fast sampler “PRP”. The PRP can be manufactured easily with traditional technologies such as turning, milling and drilling, and it can be assembled quickly by hand. The PRP has a high efficiency, a long service life and requires only minimal maintenance, the PRP would work as a new one after replacing seal rings. The sample of liquid can be taken out easily and fast from the boiler by using the PRP.

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