With the ProfilCut Q Premium industrial companies put great emphasis on an extraordinarily strong service provider. The unique construction of the new cutter head system creates new measures in performance, cost, flexibility, usability, weight, and wear protection. This premium tool system beats comparable tools in output as well as surface quality due to its cutting speed of 120 m/s. The interaction between technical innovations generates the basis for new standards: The functional coating reduces friction, shock load, and heat development effectively. The standardized clamping system was laid out for highest peripheral speed. It guaranties a secured and interlocking clamping and thus marginal setup times. The profile adapted clamping wedges act as chip breakers. So chip production is without failures and results in a consistently perfect finish. The ergonomic design combined with the lightweight construction of the tool body reduces noise significantly by 3 dB (A). The innovative colouring of dark grey, light silver and an accent setting dark blue confers an individual design and rounds the overall concept. This is in turn unique for the tool manufacturing industry.

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