The pneumatically driven PPx30-11 piston pump unit for oil and fluid grease combines innovative design with modern, integrated technology and enables safe and secure supply of lubricant to your machine.
• Extremely compact, sealed design with a modern appearance
• Concentrated functionality with integrated relief valve and
electronic sensors
The unit’s operation follows a simple philosophy: the focus is on the
user. Both the overall shape and the controls integrated ergonomically
into this shape make it easier to work with.
• Fast and simple installation
• Flexible connection system for any mounting position
• Easy visual fill level monitoring, supplemented by an electronic
pre-warning function
• Simple cleaning
• New concept for filling the reservoir: a central opening enables easy filling from all sides, and the forward-opening flap also serves as drip protection.
In addition to low investment costs, it offers very low operating costs over the entire life cycle due to its minimal compressed air consumption. The unit is compact, lightweight, and made almost entirely of functional high-performance plastics.

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