NILFISK VP600: Magnetic attraction with great user benefits and clever design As a completely sealed vacuum cleaner with standard exhaust filtration of HEPA 13, the VP600 offers the cleanest and quietest professional dry vacuum on the market, with a sound level of only 66dB(A). A low environmental impact from cradle to grave is of great importance to Nilfisk which has been achieved through its modularity, standardisation of accessories and the development of interchangeable power cord systems and motors which reduce production, shipping and inventory levels. Furthermore the reduction of breakable mechanical parts and the use of magnetic hinges and locking systems, increases reliability and reduces the use of plastic in production and after sales. In addition to these design changes, we have reduced the motor power whilst still offering great cleaning performance, ensuring that as well as obtaining an A rating for exhaust emissions, we also obtain an A rating for energy consumption. Finally the stylish design sets the VP600 apart from the standard images of other professional vacuum cleaners.

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