The PVT xPro-series is a product family of vacuum hard coating systems. The fully automatic systems S2, M3 and L4 are designed to deposit very hard tribological coatings onto cutting tools. Using the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology, coating materials are evaporated in the vacuum chamber of each system. This vapor then deposits on the components to be coated, building an extremely wear resistant film. An environmentally friendly coating technology, producing no hazardous waste. All of the coating systems provide excellent ergonomics. Wide-opening front doors make it easy to load and unload the vacuum chamber. Completely built of fold-away doors, the systems´ enclosures offer comfortable access to all maintenance areas. The coating process is controlled by centrally positioned touch panels. Signal lamps embedded in the front doors of each series are giving visual feedback concerning the status of the coating system. The design of the xPro-series represents the new PVT corporate product design, visualizing the advantages of the utilized technology: geometrically faceted surfaces alternate with sophisticated contours, conveying an impression of precision and progress.

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