Paint dispensers enable shops and craftsmen to tint paint on the spot. With only a small stock of base paint and colorants, the operator is able to tint an almost indefinite variety of shades and colours.

Originally designed to meet the specific requirements of the Asian market, the unique concept of X-SMART® makes paint dispensing affordable and accessible to small shops all over the world.

This paint dispenser was designed to accommodate the machinery ‘refurbishment culture’ in the target market countries.

The integral design of X-SMART® combines reliable high-quality pump technology with low cost solutions for the machine, packaging, transport, operation, maintenance and service. Packaging of the pump modules inside the machine during transport ensures better protection and doubles the payload per sea container. Assembly, maintenance and replacement in case of failure is simple thanks to snap-fit pump modules. This proves ideal for remote locations without a network of service technicians and favourably reduces the overall cost of ownership. X-SMART® can be controlled by any (mobile) computing device using USB or WIFI and is compatible with any brand of dispensing software.

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