The machine tool is intended for machining of complex shape workpieces by adopting the conventional technology and high speed cutting. The machine design employing composite solution offers top parameters regarding dynamics and stiffness. The versatility of the machine, particularly when considering milling head options, allows the user to customise the machine to challenging technological requirements. The high performance and torque on the spindle of the milling heads with a mechanical spindle drive is designed for roughing operations. The operator cabin with large flor space and large glass windows provides a clear view of the machining process. Two sliding doors at the front of the cabin allow the operator an easy approach for checking the cutting tool. MAIN MACHINE FEATURES •cutting-edge composite bed and column solution based on a weldment filled with a special concrete mix •considerable higher rigidity than in conventional structures •high versatility of automatically interchangeable milling heads •thermal stabilisation of headstock and heads.

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