Model TK6920B is a floor type CNC boring machine that is involved in the family design concept to build the brand mark. The machine got the reward of “machine tool association” due to its good stiffness, high precision, strong reliability, convenient operation, easy maintenance, excellent performance and highly human-friendly design. The suspending operation system as well as the foldable operating plate reflects the deep consideration of the tiniest detail based on the disciplines of human-machine ergonomics. The operating room is made of acrylic material and is designed with a flexible shape and unifies with the total machine set. The semi-transparent housing for tool magazine visually reduces the cumbersome feeling of the machine. The color configuration and arrangement can realize the operation functions more clearly and brightly, and can draw out the uniqueness of a floor type boring machine. The whole machine housing is designed in simple style and adopts sharp contrast in black and white.

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