The new STEINCO Series 880/881 caster offers a completely new concept in modular design and superior function. The patented technical innovations of this new series provide benefits not available with other casters.
While most single wheel institutional casters rely on a friction brake that contacts the tyre surface, the Series 881 caster employs a gear interface for positive and reliable braking, regardless of floor conditions. As the tyre does not need to be compressed for the brake to function, higher or even lower durometers can be used for easier or more comfortable rolling, actuation takes less force, and dents in the surface are completely eliminated.
The modular concept of this series allows wheels, housings and fittings to be supplied and inventoried separately for fast, economical assembly to customer requirements. For ease of installation in a manufacturing environment, the caster housing is mounted to the equipment first, and the wheel module is then installed in the housing by sliding it into place, without the need for tools or a separate axle.

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