The PostBase Mini franking system is a small, high-security system that is very easy to use, with state-of-the-art communication connection via the Internet. Smaller than a DIN A4 sheet, it fits into any office workplace. As it works almost silently, it’s suitable for use on the desk itself, and using the system becomes part of daily working life. It’s very easy to use as there’s just one on/off switch, which is designed to stand out, as well as a user-friendly and coloured touchscreen. Thus, a key design criterion has been implemented: Technology at the highest level should not only be intuitive but also a pleasure. The functional design criteria result in a design that’s easy on the eye and uses a variety of materials, colours, surfaces and light accents to create a high-class, closed ensemble. The contrasting-colour weighing plate gives the PostBase Mini an individual, user-determined touch.

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