The well-known natural scenery of mushroom rocks in Taiwan, called the Queen’s Head. Located in the Yehliu Geo Park, it is famous for its exquisite appearance and unique texture; the name came from its similar look of a queen gazing into the wild. Due to weathering and erosions, the Queen’s Head’s mid section, or so called the neck, has become very slender. Experts predict the breaking of the neck will occur soon in the future.

Marson Technology is one of the world famous barcode scanner developer and manufacturer located in Taiwan. Our Omni-purposed desktop barcode scanner, MT6500, is designed base on the care to environment with sparks of innovation in enterprise value; combined with humanistic view and the realistic requirements from the end-users. Its external design concept is from the extraordinary sight of the Queen’s Head.

The MT6500 scanning rate of 1,920 times per second for our Omni-directional barcode scanner can access various barcodes in 1D, 2D and even on mobile devices. Its function will fulfill all kinds of applications; it is not only a practical industrial grade equipment, but also a glamorous ornament due to its polished designs.

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