Quality and innovative technology are reflected by a combination of dynamic design and the consistent use of safety glass in the front area of the cartoning machine. For ecological and quality reasons, safety glass instead of acrylic glass was used. In the characteristic dark ”fin“, a horizontal guide rail was integrated, which determines the machine’s long-range visual effect. This guide rail accommodates the linearly movable touch screen with its ergonomic and optimized positioning. The position of the carton magazine with a loading height of 120 cm and a slanting surface towards the operator, creates unrestricted access for people with different body sizes. For service purposes, large doors and hoods in the front and rear casing of the machine can be opened. Dispensing with vertical supports for door fastening in the front center section, provides unobstructed access to all units. In addition, the machine features fast format changeovers. There are just a few format parts and changeovers take place virtually without tools. Therefore, nothing will impede a rapid product changeover.

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