The new developed MIMOT-SMD Machine (Device) revolutionizes the SMT Market in technology and Design with a high flexibility from high speed to end of line. The main innovation is the modular expandability by a wing concept, left and right, resulting in doubling the production volume on the same machine frame. The technical innovation is being transported to the outside Design and shape from the basic speed-modul into the wing-extension left and right side. Now doubling the performance on the same footprint. You don’t have to buy a second needed machine In the SMD-world weight is as crucial factor for Speed and mounting-efficency Only a smaller, compact pick and place head resolves into less mass by producing a higher volume. The new Design of the Machine and the Extensions allowing now a systemic and economic growth. Only through the new concept of wing-extension does the head exceed the standard-end-position by driving left and right into the new Extension-wings double production on the same footprint. The ecological requirements of the Mimot MB 100 Device were implemented by using eco-friendly ressources and materials as well as paint.

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