The revamp of the MICRON range brings new technical features and improvements:
-10% power consumption cut: achieved by concentrating all heated elements in one compact block, away from the electronics and wrapped-around with a NOMEX© insulating blanket.
-Quick and easy access to all components for cleaning and maintenance: crucial in a very dirty working environment with very high production rates. Just one wrench is needed to remove two same-sized allen screws and open the electronics; then two sliding guides give access to the melting compartment and pump, avoiding removal of the case and loose parts around while working.
-All controls are integrated on a recessed panel at the front. The keyboard is capacitive to prevent dirt and glue from blocking moving parts or slots, thus improving reliability.
-A minimum nº of parts from different materials and a fine tuning and correct fit of them do away with thermal expansion misalignments.
-The aesthetic code combines soft and sharp shapes in a dark-cold grey color, conveying the feeling of technical innovation combined with robustness and ease of use.
In short, every detail was taken into account to achieve a new standard in the sector.

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