Joining precious veneers precisely.
The KUPER FLI 1000 combines innovation and proven technology in a new design. The modern form of the machine and the user-friendly control panel guarantee highest efficiency when gluing veneers. The intelligent building concept allows a cost-optimized production.
Innovative technology in connection with highest manufacturing standards ensures precise veneer splicing.
The result of the new KUPER FLI 1000 is a proven heat supply method, simultaneous application of contact pressure and precise guidance of the valuable material, connected with an intelligent energy management.
The insensitive control panel displays all parameters and considerably reduces the machine start-up time.
The innovative glue application system ensures precise glue application to each veneer thickness. The performance range of the machine is additionally extended by an optionally available compact cooling unit, which prolongs the glue pot life essentially or by the option packets for processing micro and thick veneers.
The feeding speed is increased when processing pre- glued veneers.

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