The Welding machine INVERTIG.PRO compact is in design as well, as in the human-machine communication, absolute unique in the worldwide market. Specially, the patented graphical dynamic user interface provides more value, in quality and productivity for the user. The understanding of the welding process via graphic leads to more quality and safety. Less skilled users are safe guided by the assist to perfect settings based on their job. The assist also provides the user with advanced information. That ensures highest quality, also in the periphery of the machine. Self-explanatory applications become usefully for the mass of users, because of the transparent graphical interface. Examples are: The possibility for the user, to personalize the machine, or the organisation of the program memory. The energy management of the whole system is optimized, to save resources and to reduce emissions. The result is the worldwide best relation between weight, power and duty cycle time. Also the mechanical heavy stressed area of the control panel is high protected, because of the specially designed REHM R-Pilot. This leads all forces into the housing of the machine. Not to the electric boards.

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