Hapa 862: an in-house, CMYK / 4-spot-color printing system for foils and labels. The UV DOD piezo inkjet solution is modular and has a built-in upgrade path. Additional modules and components with predefined mechanical and electronical interfaces are easily docked. Lean process supportive, the system meets production demands for small-batch runs, and the challenges of serialization with high-resolution (720 dpi) results. Change of print-job is made without line stoppage. It integrates with packaging lines, or operates roll-to-roll, and it merges with existing processes and ERP workflow. The just-in-time solution complies with the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical segment, reduces supply-chain complexities, cuts material and process waste and reduces packaging-material inventory by up to 80%. Design and performance reflects the highest technological standards and Hapa’s tradition of forward-looking innovation. On all levels modular (mechanical, automation, electrical, software and GUI), it supports lean-production, variant- und innovation-management for both the system’s manufacturer, Hapa, and the system’s end users.

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