The Hahn hinge ‚Türband 4 Inductio®‘ is an energy-and-signals transmitting door hinge. The Inductio® hinge makes it easier for door manufacturers and installers of safety instal-lations to route cables along doors and connect access control systems and alarm systems. Moreover, the Türband 4 Inductio® can be used to supply energy to motorised locks and luminaires. Connecting a central alarm system with loads at the door, such as a glass breakage sensor, electric interlocks, access control and open / close monitoring, is always a complex task for door manufacturers and installers. It usually requires a great deal of dexterity and time.
On top of that, wires installed on doors are subject to constant movement, which can result in breakage with time.
Frequently, the stainless steel spirals that are used to protect the wiring damage the surface of the frame and door. All of these problems are eliminated at the  same time thanks to the Hahn Türband 4 Inductio®: Frame and door can be processed separately. The door can be mounted and taken off its hinges just as easily and conveniently as  a door without a security system. 
Even in service, the door leaf can be mounted and unhinged without extensive disassembly of the wire junctions and wire caps. The door design seems to be one piece.

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