The GA-F500 five-axis machining center is a high-performance and humanized numerical-control machine tool independently researched and developed by Gree. It can closely collaborate with the industrial robot to provide high-efficiency high-precision low-loss intelligent and flexible production mode for high-end manufacturing fields like aerospace, scientific research, mold, and precision instruments. The machine tool pays special attention to the design idea of “humanistic care”, adopts highly humanized operation mode and flexible modeling language, and provides users with a very harmonious, friendly, efficient and convenient man-machine cooperation relationship.The GA-F500 five-axis machining center adopts the best, high-rigidity structure design. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high stability, strong automatic extensibility and easy operation. The appearance of the GA-F500 five-axis machining center adopts a unique flexible modeling language. The soft arc edge angle, staggered component combination and prosodic body segmentation make the machine tool appear very simple and compact, vivid and smooth without losing the sense of stability.

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