STILL EXV-SF high lift pallet truck with air-suspended stand-on platform and combi-tiller The EXV-SF combines ergonomics and design to cope with narrow aisles: As narrow as a Euro-pallet with rounded chassis contours, it offers drivers a shock- and vibration-free driving experience in everyday work thanks to its air-suspended, foldable stand-on platform. A unique, well-structured and intuitive colour display shows multi-language and cross-cultural information of different driving programmes with language-independent icons and symbols. If the mast is extended to a height of 1 800 mm, warning messages advise drivers to fold away the height-adjustable side arms or to lower the initial lift: An innovation combining safety and comfort. The adjustable combi-tiller extends the safety distance between driver and truck, and the glass fibre, bevelled tiller head slides away sideways if the truck reverses unintentionally. The ergonomic buttons that can be controlled by left- and right-handed operators alike have an elevation on the lift button and a depression on the lowering button – custom-made intelligent haptics.

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