The PulseBoreCenter manufactured by Dürr Ecoclean shows a significant step towards optimized activation of cylinder bores by high-pressure water jets. Core component of the installation is the EcoCBooster which emits a pulsed waterjet of highest kinetic energy. Its impact results in a better surface quality of the cylinder bores for their thermal coating. At the same time this new technology reduces investment costs and energy consumption.
The design echoes the cubic and precise frame-design concept of all new Dürr products. A straight and powerful appearance focused on the process chamber by colour accent and branding. The large areas of grey-tinted mineral glass offer perfect monitoring of the loading positions and the central process chamber. These glass areas and the dark-grey parts edged in clear white frames reduce the optical volume of this huge automotive manufacturing device.
EcoCBooster as the core component shows a modular design housing that underlines the specialness and performance of this innovative technology.

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