Model ZK5540A CNC gantry drilling machine is improved unbelievable by changing the appearance of the housing design that integrates safety, technology and art concepts. Our design pays more attention to ensure safety, convenience, efficiency and comfort in the operation process. The combination of those curved and straight line has visually reduced the cumbersome feeling of the large machine tools. The collection of colors in white, red, black and silvery grey is harmonious and rhythmical. The ram of the machine is equipped with the WISDOM system that can display the machining status, the spindle speed and the machining schedule as well. It is one of the spotlight of this design since it allows the product manager to master the processing schedule more efficiently. The spacious top walking board has undergone anti-skidding treatment. The built-in vertical ladder ensures the unification of the machine set. There is a turning corner on the top of the vertical ladder to avoid falling caused by mis-operation.

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