When it comes to efficiency, compactness and innovative strength, the Compact-Line is a new generation in chiller technology. With a housing featuring the smooth and flowing lines of state-of-the-art industrial design, the power pack gives away at first sight its great efficiency and the wide range of innovations included in the latest, cool chiller line. Innovative high-efficiency components are arranged in a way to give the chiller the smallest footprint, allowing the Compact-Line to fit seamlessly into almost any gap between machines or facilities. The perfect interplay of components does not only allow for maximum performance in minimum space, but also reduces operating costs significantly. On top of that, the control panel with its user-friendly interface will meet the needs of any operator and also facilitates remote maintenance and updates via the Internet, the app or USB. The communications interfaces between the application and the chiller also leave nothing to be desired.

The Compact-Line – Efficient. Compact. Innovative.

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