Razor Electronic Landing Legs Lighten your load with Razor…

The Razor Electronic Landing Legs is the safest, most trouble-free way to separate and connect the semi-trailer from your prime mover. Powered by an independent power supply, the electronic motor-driven unit raises and lowers landing legs with the simple touch of a button.

Australian designed and manufactured
Capable of lifting a fully loaded semi trailer
No more manual winding

Features & Benefits

Greatly improves driver safety
Heavy duty electric motor
Solid aluminum casting
State-of-the-art electronics
Saves time and physical injury
Manual override back-up
Optional remote operation

To maximise safety and ensure user-friendly operation, a remote keypad is mounted on the opposite landing leg.

No more manual winding
No more back strain
No more aching elbows & shoulders
No more standing out in the weather
Operates from both sides of the trailer

Voltage 12 Volt DC – with multivolt input (charge 9-30 vdc)
Output Torque 120 N.m
Output speed 30RPM
Environmental Fully weather & waterproof

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