ALPHASHOT MICRO is the only of it’s kind studio for jewellery photography, designed to create perfect lighting and reflection conditions, necessary for professional photography of different types of objects.
The clear, cylindrical based shape, emphasis camera tilt axis, which can be adjusted within 0-90 degrees angle. This unique feature, makes possible to rotate camera, along with LED lighting, distributed in 6 sections around the object. Such design, combined with black velour reflectors attachable to internal surface of the cylinder, side covers with black finished velour and exchangeable magnetic white reflectors, several turntable options, enable to control light and reflections on the object in unparalleled way to emphasize it’s features. Equipped with front power supply and USB connection to the camera, leaves working space free of cables. Two round shaped magnetic side covers, underline Orbitvu branding while leave a lot of space to manipulate the object.
Compact desktop size, clean cable free design, integrated software featuring predefined image profiles and live view preview, make it possible to create professional jewellery images by everyone.

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