a40 is the horizontal machining center, purpose-build for the automotive parts with the high continuous reliability and achieved “ Production Innovation “, 25% cycle time reduction. In the convention, it is very hard to reduce the cycle time (Cutting & Non-cutting) drastically without extreme strain to the machine. Our new technology solutions; Intelligent ROI Solution (Reduction of Inertia), Smart GI solution (Geometry Intelligence), Vision B.T.S. The Spindle acceleration is the important. a40 could acquire 73% faster to achieve the spindle maximum rotation reducing the inertia.In the positioning time of X, Y, Z axis, a40 could succeed to shorten drastically without the shock to the machine. Secondly, we achieved to shorten the hole machining time to have the smooth trajectory for the tool path between a hole and a hole. Because the parts machining has the many holes. And also, a40 can optimize its behaviors automatically; the table rotation, the acceleration of Z axis and the jerk, recognizing the workpiece weight. Thirdly, we adopted the new technology using CCD camera to check the tool breakage firstly in the world. It can also optimize the machine behaviors automatically.

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