The 42 Range machines of Timesavers are used for uniformly deburring and rounding edges of metal parts in all directions. The development of an innovative top and bottom head for deburring both sides of metal parts at the same time, was the start for a new design language. While making use of the existing house style colour scheme, a new and fresh look has been realised. The clear design and high level of detailing underlines the reliability of the machine and its high ease of use. Wide doors give maximum access for easy maintenance and service. Large windows offer an unconstructed view to the deburring process. Controls are centralised at the corner of the machine, allowing the operator to monitor both the input table and the deburring process. Controls are arranged in an intuitive lay-out in order to minimize set-up time and maximize output. To increase user-friendliness a touchscreen allows the user to select pre-setup programs, simplifying routine tasks. A wide LED bar indicates the machine status, clearly visible by the operator. Thanks to the modular construction of the 42 RB Range, production of different machine configurations is easy and cost effective.

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