IC – Internal Cutter was developed with the goal of improving the working conditions of plumbers. The project was titled ‘The Plumber’s Future Working Environment’. Internal Cutter does the work of jack hammers and reciprocating saws, which usually put a lot of strain on the body.

Initial field research revealed two common problems faced by plumbers. The first involved plugging an old drainpipe in a concrete floor. To do this, the concrete around the pipe had to be removed with a jack hammer to allow the plumber to fit a reciprocating saw in the hole and cut off the pipe. This procedure takes a lot of time. The vibrating power tools can lead to pain and strain in the shoulders, arms and hands. The second problem involved cutting off a pipe flush with a brand new floor using just a regular saw. Again, concrete had to be cut.

The IC – Internal Cutter addresses these two problems and makes the life of a plumber a little bit better and healthier. The Internal Cutter will easily and efficiently cut off a pipe underneath the floor. The use of the ‘orbital drilling’ technique makes this possible. The machine is clamped onto the pipe with the slide of a button, and then cutting depth is then set. The last step in the process is to slide a second button to start the cutting procedure.

This machine is gentle on the ears, and does not vibrate since the procedure is slow and the machine is fixed to the pipe. It does not put any extra strain on the hands, the arms or the rest of the body. The Internal Cutter also saves a great deal of time and labour.

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