As the emerging brand of personal care industry, POVOS shaver needs to create a new and unique brand image that differ from other international brands. It devotes itself to building the leading brand of China’s personal care industry and attaches great importance to product development and design. As a result, there are a variety of products that had won prizes both at home and abroad, which help it stand out among many competitive brands.
POVOS PS508 is designed for one objective: to build an ultra-thin shaver with only 18 mm that highlights its technology quality in every details. The design emphasizes the slimness and comfort of the product, while the smooth and continuous form as a simplified design represents a new fashion of modernism minimalist. By virtue of the metal body made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it has excellent wear resistance and exquisite craftsmanship, featuring on the sense of technology; the round smart-click switch with dynamic CD grain is equipped with blue back-light, showing elegance in details. The magnetic contact-making charging base was initiated in the industry. It has a unique USB charging method and gorgeous light display that full of the

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