This is a high-end smart washing machine with two separate washing units. It can be the perfect solution in the wash classification issues. Whether it is a family with many members or people have special needs of washing classification can all use this washing machine for separation washing requirements. The upside is its 3kg mini top load washer. The downside is one 12kg conventional front-loading washing machine. These two washers do not only have the washing, rinsing, drying and other basic functions. The up mini washer has its high-temperature boiling washing feature (For killing the bacterial). While the normal front load washing machine is equipped with drying function. Since the system is independent, they can be used separately or at the same time. We offered one TFT touch screen which can control these two drum simultaneously. Similarly, the detergent auto-depends system can also be used at the same time. The upside automatic door use touch technology which offers user a better user experience. In the design aspect, we make the design to combine these two totally different washing units together in order to ensure the product have sense of concise and wholeness.

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