The Constructa washing machine Classic 65 with a load capacity of eight kilogrammes washes 30 percent more economically than the energy efficiency class A+++. The anniversary model CWF14W65 with aquastop and a blue colour with chrome elements looks similar to the classic 1950s design. 65 years ago, Constructa developed the first front-loader washing machine “Made in Germany” with a porthole (with a door that opened to 180°). This model represents a nostalgic look back at the long-standing experience in the field of fully automatic washing machines. Red Dot 21 recommends the winner of the Red Dot for economical washing that is gentle on fabrics.

Modern fully automatic washing machine with a classic design

The Constructa washing machine Classic 65 is a fully automatic modern washing machine with advanced functions and a classic design. A high-quality chromium-plated cycle selector and easy locking with metal locking hooks stand out from the blue colour and give the front-loading washing machine its unusual appearance with a 1950s style. With a load capacity of up to eight kilogrammes and a drum volume of 65 litres, the washing machine meets state-of-the-art requirements. Important functions such as balance control, automatic load detection and foam detection are controlled entirely electronically. It is classified as a front loader and can be placed underneath spaces from a height of 85 cm.

Fully automatic wash cycles with one-touch control

All of the wash and special cycles can be selected using the practical one-touch control. The large and easy-to-read LED display shows the progress of the cycle, with remaining time, consumption, temperature and the maximum spin as well as recommended load. Further functions such as Prewash, Easy Iron, Speed or Eco can be selected via touch control. The spin speed can be selected manually after selecting the cycle, with spinning capacities of 1,400 – 400 rpm. The start time can be preselected to start the wash cycle at a specific time automatically, thus saving time. Another time-saver is the clever additional cycle that keeps the machine hygienically clean by self-cleaning the drum. The wash cycles range from a 15-minute fast cycle for lightly soiled garments to an intensive cycle for heavily soiled garments and numerous special cycles suitable for delicates, bedding, wool and silk for example.

Wash your fabrics with less water consumption

The Constructa washing machine protects the environment and washes fabrics 30 percent more economically than the energy efficiency class A+++. An integrated flow sensor regulates optimum water consumption automatically. Fitted with the 3D water-saving system, both water and electricity consumption are optimised. The system adjusts the washing movements of the drum precisely to the load. Fabrics are soaked even faster thanks to the cascade filling system. The Vario drum ensures better water distribution. The wave-shaped drum structure and the shape of the paddles ensure faster and better water distribution. The aquastop system protects the machine from water damage thanks to a double-walled supply hose, a safety valve and a specially secured floor tray.

Product features

  • Appliance dimensions: 85 cm x 60 cm x 59 cm
  • Suitable for underneath spaces from a height of 85 cm
  • 30 cm porthole
  • Energy rating: A+++ -30%
  • Energy/water consumption: 137 kWh / 9,900 l
  • Load capacity: 1 – 8 kg
  • Spin efficiency rating: B
  • Spin speed: 1,400 – 400 rpm
  • Vario drum
  • Fully electronic control with balance control, automatic load detection and foam detection
  • Fully electronic one-touch control for all wash and special cycles
  • Touch control buttons: large LED display
  • Anti-vibration: Design for more stability and quiet running
  • Aquastop with lifetime warranty
  • 3D water-saving system
  • Liquid detergent insert and self-cleaning drawer
  • Child lock
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