At Candy we believe in smart innovation. But just a particular type: the one that has a real, authentic impact on people’s needs, designed to make their daily lives easier. The one which rejects elitism, making itself available to anyone. Bianca is the perfect synthesis of all this. Our new washing machine – your new washing machine is the smartest and easiest to use that has ever been built.
Thanks to Zoom, Bianca is capable of washing every fabric, in every program, in less than 1 hour, always with best results. No other washing machine can match this.
With the unique Smart Ring interface, you can find the most useful programs and the most popular options in your own language and at your fingertips. Its 11° inclination allows you to interact with the washing machine without bending your back. The tall and wide door responds to the same need.
Additionally, thanks to the simply-Fi App control the machine by just talking naturally to it. You can also access a lot of useful functionalities via smartphone, such as remote control, additional programs, advanced check-up, energy reduction manager, auto maintenance.

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