This is our outstanding high-end product. With new generation auto-dispense technology. It can sense the weight of clothes, current water level, temperature of washing environment, current quantity of detergent, the cleanliness of clothes, etc. Large 7 inch color touch screen with vice screen let users easy read and quick setting the programs. On the top of this washing machine, it equipped with a special clothing ironing equipment in aim to simplify the operation steps during the whole Washing-Caring process, improve the efficiency and user experience. The traditional washing machine can only do normal laundry work. However, when the laundry process is finished, if users want to do ironing work, they usually have to transfer the clothes to other places and utilize extra professional equipment. The ironing system has a variety of temperature procedures for different materials selection and steam function. With this design, user can do ironing or quick drying work directly on the top after the end of the laundry. Under the non-use state, the whole ironing system is hidden inside the top surface. When this utility model needs to be used, the whole part can be lifted automatically.

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