Vacuum cleaning is often perceived as tedious and unexciting. To change this perception, we have developed an ultra-light cordless vacuum cleaner VW-CA1, which is remarkably convenient and easy to use due to its premium features. First, since the vacuum cleaner is cordless, it is ready for use without a necessity of plugging the cord to power supply prior to every cleaning – just grab it and switch it on. Second, the product is ultra-light due to its carbon pipes which is the only such solution for vacuum cleaners. This makes it ideal for vacuuming not only carpets and floors but also hard-to-reach reach areas such as cabinet tops or high shelves, which are scarcely accessible with regular, much heavier vacuum cleaners. Third, our product is equipped with a special duster nozzle, which comes with two adjustable joints. The joints make the product bendable, hence, even more suitable for cleaning hardly accessible areas. The range includes two models differentiated by a set of accessories. The premium model (VW-CA1XE) comes with a special 2-in-1 nozzle for mattresses and pet hair, flexible crevice tool and the second battery to increase the autonomy of the product.

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