The new bagless Kärcher VC 5 vacuum cleaner provides the excellent cleaning performance of a classic canister vacuum but is extremely com-pact thanks to its slim, upright design. The triple-telescopic suction tube can be fully retracted, meaning that it can be easily and compactly stowed away. It can also be used conveniently at hip height, for example, for cleaning seat surfaces. The flexible floor nozzle makes it possible to clean difficult-to-reach areas with ease. There are four levels of suction power, and all important control elements are located on the handle. The bagless, three-stage filter system means that you do not have to purchase any expensive consumables later on.

With its clear, dynamic use of forms, the VC 5 blends seamlessly into the Kärcher Indoor range. The yellow-on-black, C-shaped design shows that this is a Kärcher product, providing a guarantee of outstanding cleaning expertise, as well as emphasising the slim design and symbolising the device’s powerful suction. A contrast of polished and matt surfaces lends the VC 5 its high-value allure.

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