Researches show that users intend to command the vacuum cleaners with their foot due to ergonomic reasons. This shortens the lifetime of the buttons which are designed for hand usage. All the buttons on Terra are big-sized and user centered, thereby give the impression of “pedals” rather than buttons , which operate in a problem-free manner regardless of whichever spot thereon they are pressed. Terra presents low watt consumption-high suction power-minimum sound features all together and in a perfect manner, differentiating itself from the competitors in the market. The “helix” formed, specially felt isolated air channel increases the suction performance while minimizing the sound emission of whole appliance. Power control lights, dust bag full indicator, hepa filter full indicator details placed on the main body provides a more distinguished tone to the product. Furthermore, the rims placed on the wheels provide a more dynamic outlook to Terra. The ergonomic handle whereon the needed settings can be made with a single finger move is awaiting to receive a patent being differentiated among its competitors with ergonomic handle molding and manufacturing process.

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