The SWEEPLUS CT-AC55 “COLOR PENCIL” is a cyclone stick vacuum cleaner with a unique design and minimal compact appearance that allows it to be used easily and readily. It was designed through focusing next 3 key concept to realize minimal function vacuum cleaner.

1.minimal compact appearance
Unlike most vacuum cleaners on the market that have a ‘bulky masculine’ design, the SWEEPLUS CT-AC55 has a modern minimalist design that allows it to merge stylishly into any home environment.
2.lightweight and compact size
And also such minimalist design providing an outstanding cleaning function which is also exceptionally easy to handle and ideal for all members of the family.
3.unique multi-color selection
This let owner feel happy to own the product in their fashionable room.

We are thinking that the above product concept let customers fan to do their house work every day with stress-free.

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