The new RD 285 Designation 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner nozzle combines a fancy and individual carbon design optic with first class functionality, such as suction and wiping in one solution.
This vacuum cleaner nozzle intended for universal use on all surfaces. Regardless, if hard floor or carpet, there is no changing by pedal necessary when moving from one surface to the other. Thanks to the extra-flat design it can be easily used at any narrow space and also under furniture. An integrated furniture guard at the front protects from scratches and brings out the stylish design again. To use the extra benefit of the vacuum cleaners wiping functionality on hard floors, its textile mop needed to clip on the front of the nozzle. The mop is specially designed for RD 285 Designation 2-in-1. It enables the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner nozzle to wipe away adhering dirt on hard floors during suction. A lightly damp use recommended. Wet cleaners can use the textile mop without restriction. The mop provides fringes to reach dirt in corners and is washable. Additional mops are available separately.

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