The Nilfisk Elite is the perfect vacuum cleaner when you need strong suction, excellent filtration and user-friendly features. Design focus has been on optimizing the user experience – delivering a vacuum cleaner with the right blend of features and usability.

Super cool machine features like the handle with remote control enables you to switch the machine on/off and adjust the suction level directly at the handle. The carrying handle of the Nilfisk Elite is made of transparent material with visual indication on suction level, Bag change icon and Filter change icon.

A trend we experience today is unfortunately that many households suffer from one or several kinds of allergies and that is something we have taken to heart. With the Nilfisk Elite we pick up dirty air into the vacuum cleaner and with our outstanding Ultra+ filtration system, we exhaust clean air back out. Therefore not only cleaning our floors but the air we breathe as well.

This is the vacuum cleaner that you do not need to put in a closet!

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