This is a home appliance that fits for all kinds of environment cleaning , the general design concept of it was generated from the excellent user experience and coordinating with the high-performance of the product , therefore we gave it a compact but strong style appearance design.
The handle is like a tool feeling , what’s more the inclination is the best one for human using ,making sure that the user can use it for long time and with the soft robber,it’s more comfortable.In order to have a better gravity balance , the battery is installed in the back, then it’s effective to relieve the hand fatigue ,also detachable battery means that it’s convenient for charging and exchange, also good for recycling.Above the dust cup ,high power MAX button was integrated with petaloid design element . We combine technology and design ,making more strong PI for the product.The universal nozzle can fit many kinds of accessories , for the needs of cleaning different places.

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