1.The external high-definition camera enables ILIFE A8 to navigate spaces precisely and generate panoramic images and perspective. Information collected will be jointly analyzed a tri-core processor which simultaneously transmits data to the CV-SLAM graphics algorithm. Using this data, CV-SLAM accurately and promptly computes a map of any home setting for space zoning and route planning. The second generation gyroscope navigation system allows ILIFE A8 to methodically zigzag along its cleaning route with accurate orientation. To achieve maximum coverage and minimum repeated cleaning, A8 scans its surroundings again at the end of each cleaning cycle, searching and approaching the areas that it may have missed.
2. Employing the principles of aerodynamics, the brushless motor with turbofan and concealed airflow channel effectively reduces air resistance and noise level while increasing suction power.
3.Two functional brushes – rubber brush and bristle brush – work alternately to meet different cleaning needs. The rubber brush comes with vacuum openings which prevent tangling and facilitate easy cleaning. The bristle brush is a deep cleansing tool designed for carpet cleaning.

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