The WINBOT is a window cleaning robot that is affixed to the window with a unique suction mechanism.
It cleans glass surfaces with or without frames of any thickness, inside and outside also high off the ground.
The front microfiber cleaning pad (sprayed with a conventinal cleaning solution) moistens and absorbs dirt. The squeegee draws the remaining waterborne dirt off the window, the rear cleaning pad wipes the window to a dry and spotlesss shine.
No srcatching due to soft materials. The internal vaccum pump creates a powerful window safe double seal to assure WINBOT stays on the window (a saftey system for the case of power failure is included). Using an automatic cleaning programme, the robot begins to clean in zig-zag mode and then travels along the frame to achieve a maximum cleaning performance without going over the same spot. After its tour it returns to the point of beginning. Individual cleaning is possible by remote control.
The WINBOT combines environmental friendly, energy saving cleaning with gaining time. It reduces the risk of domestic accidents and enables people at an old age and and with physical handicaps to live an independent and self-determined life.

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