Seebest MOMO E630, the robotic vacuum and mop cleaner, at just 63mm tall, with exactly connections of every gear and creative change of the structure, is designed to fit under most furniturns.
MOMO E630 starts at a single push of a quick-start-button. The seamless outfit keeps its precise style and displays its chinese classic aesthetics. The unique U-shape body makes it easy to clean any corner.
It uses whisper-quiet EVA cottons and high efficiency pump to reduce the annoying sounds while keeping its suction power.
With a jasper translucent dust bin instead of pull-out dirt bag, the dirt is easy to see and empty when needed. It features a unique auto-seal holder on the dust bin that ensures dust and allergens are never released back into the air once they’re captured. It prevents the mechanical breakdown as microscopic dust blocking at the airflow.
It’s equipped an acceleration meter with a modified sensor chip. So it can get right back automatically and adjust its track when bumping to the wall. This advanced navigation technology is exactly the secret innovation to allow its excellent powerful and lightweight features.

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