it’s a service robot with a mellow body, a humorous shape, and an expression of affinity. His name is “Mr. Peanut”. Of course, it’s quite capable. It can be served in restaurants,can take you to the room in the hotel and guide you in the shopping mall.When it as a dining robot,it has a tray open at the top, with hot dishes in it. When it becomes navigation robot,will wears a top hat with a LED display, and the guests can input some information to let the robot operate. Once it runs, the lights on both sides of the chassis will roll along, shows a strong sense of Technology.Whether in the market or restaurant, as long as it appears, it will become the focus of all vision, especially to win the joy of children. Virtually become a market sense of science and technology and human sense intertwined scenery line.
In terms of technology, through stereo vision, ultrasonic induction, SLAM navigation, indoor GPS positioning and other positioning methods, so that it can shuttle freely in the crowd. And the main functional modules are mostly installed in the base, the advantage is that engineers can be more focused on the development of new “upper body” to achieve new functions.

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