Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful household cleaning tool outfitted with an intelligent route planning system and a mobile App for remote control. With Laser Displacement Sensor (LDS) and Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM), it scans room perimeters and maps the most efficient cleaning path, greatly improving cleaning efficiency and avoiding repetitive sweeping. A suction rating of 1800Pa and a streamlined air passage combine to ensure a thorough clean. The 5100mAh battery supports up to 2.5 working hours, or cleans 250 m2 housing area.
Many of its exterior features are designed for better obstruction climbing and passing. The product employs an overall neutral color, coupling with vibrant red on core elements as LDS and brush roll to highlight the function.
Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be remotely controlled, so that the product works perfectly fine even when no one is around.

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