inxni is a new Floor Cleaning Robot launched in 2015 in China. Different from traditional cleaning robot. The inxni can scan and identify the home environment with its “eyes” -the Laser detector and Camera detector.With a clear home map in its “mind”,the Robot will make a cleaning plan firstly,including the cleaning sequence,how to clean,where clean heavely etc. The robot will divide the whole house into several areas,and clean one by one. In each area,it will clean in a zigzag route just like Japanese housewives clean their home floor.So it can nearly cover everyplace in the home. Even encountered obstacles such as pet in the cleaning,the Robot will also be active around the obstacles and then go back to the original cleaning route. After cleaning all rooms,it will go back to charge dock directly in the shortest path. Meanwhile the user could get the robot’s cleaning map and working route on inxni App. Also user could remote control the robot to a specific location to clean, with one click on the App map. We call the inxni Robot as a navigation cleaning robot. Because inxni can navigate itself when cleaning in home and never get lost.

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